WHEREAS: Despite the abundant rain and snow of late 2014 and early 2015 California remains mired in the worst drought in her history…and

WHEREAS:  Despite gains in employment over the past year California – the most resource rich state in the Union – endures unemployment, sub-standard health care delivery, and numbers of extra-legal immigrants above the national average…and

WHEREAS:  California continues to lead the nation in suicide, divorce, and fetal mortality rates, and is among the national leaders for violent crime, human trafficking, and domestic violence…and

WHEREAS:  History is replete with incidents of these and other crises being positively addressed when the people commit themselves to a season of prayer, fasting and repentance without limit or agenda including but not limited to the Day of Prayer proposed by Benjamin Franklin in 1787 during a deadlocked Constitutional Convention after which the deadlock was immediately broken, and the historic Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer called for by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 after which the Battle of Gettysburg occurred within weeks, turning the tide of war for the union…and

WHEREAS:  September 9 is celebrated as California Admission Day, and our state’s constitution begins with the following preamble: We the People of the State of California, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure and perpetuate its blessings, do establish this Constitution…THEREFORE BE IT

RESOLVED:  That September 9, 2015, be declared and observed a California Day of Repentance by all who are willing to participate. Californians are urged to spend all or part of this day re-focusing their attention and re-dedicating their lives to the pursuit of God in humility and hunger for His revelation in their lives…and BE IT FURTHER

RESOLVED:  That as Californians seek God’s blessing for ourselves and for our state we recognize and honor God Who has resurrected the nation of Israel – His first chosen people – two millennia after her total destruction.  We stand awed and honoring with Israel and the Author of her resurrection and humbly ask Him to do likewise for us.



The Rev. James Wilson
President PrayNorthState and Co-director National Day of Repentance

The Rev. Jeff Daly
Executive Director National Day of Repentance

The Rev. Dan Prout
President Sierra Ministries International and Convener Rain and Reign Coalition

Julia Reiff
California State Prayer Coordinator for Aglow International

The Rev. Mike Shreve
Capitol Prayer Ministries

Andre Van Mol, MD
Christian Medical Dental Association

Dr, Candi McAlpine
Founder Destiny Training Center and Director US National Prayer Council

The Rev. Jose Poch
Senior Pastor St. David’s Anglican Church, North Hollywood

George Ordway
President Communities Inc.

The Rev. Mike Flynn
President Fresh Wind Ministries

Blakely Pallock
Joni & Friends Missionary

Carolyn Suty
California Coordinator Aglow International

The Rev. Larry Lane
President Kingdom Catalyst

Patricia Del Marmot
Northern California Coordinator for Concerned Women for America

The Rev. Joel Pappas
Senior Pastor, Oasis Ministries

Maryal Boumann
Executive Director, Pray California

Dran Reese
President, The Salt & Light Council

Concerned Women for America