This is a key truth: resistance to repentance is extremely strong in the body of Christ especially among leaders.  Many confuse repentance with penance, and understandably many want none of that.  But there is freedom and joy following personal and then national repentance. This freedom is virtually unknown in today’s Christian world.  A watered-down gospel and cheap grace is often preached instead of the gospel and spiritual discipline.  Globally, we are the lukewarm church of Laodicea in Revelation 3, and yet the Lord repeatedly in Scripture commands us to be holy as He is holy.  Repentance– even daily repentance as part of prayer time— is critical for that to happen.  We have to get ready for His soon return!

But the good news is that in nation after nation, from Malawi to Canada, from the USA to Kenya, it’s typically taken just one single believer in Christ to see the power of repentance and act as a net-worker to other leaders in the body of Christ in that nation to get them to come together through the Holy Spirit to attend what amounts to a sacred assembly in the Spirit on that given day in that nation.  The results are always positive for those who repent on that given day.   The Lord always forgives our sins. It’s liberating to leave behind old baggage—which we all have—when we turn from our old wicked ways.

Once that single believer prays, gets a green light from the Holy Spirit, and picks a date appropriate for that nation, we get the word out to the 3,800 intercessors on our database, some of whom are already in that nation.   With one small spark, the Lord breathes on the day of repentance in that nation and word gets out through local networks of believers.  The Holy Spirit orchestrates it; it requires no logistics and costs nothing; no ministry gets honored; all glory properly goes to the Lord.  Love and unity grow thanks to the Holy Spirit; satan, the liar, is defeated; the Bride of Christ awakens and begins to cleanse all the more for His soon return.

Each national day of repentance also blesses believers in other nations. With prayer points created by the local repentance team we then have the opportunity that given day in our respective nations, in our time zones, to humble ourselves, take some time alone, or in a group, or in a “repent and rejoice” church service with other churches, to repent ourselves, individually, following Revelation 3:19.   Additionally, we can also then pray over those prayer points, interceding for our brothers and sisters in Christ in that other nation.   God breathes on it. Repentance spreads. The Body cleanses.

Is the Lord speaking to you?

With Him—all things are possible— you can start a national day of repentance!