My Dad was my idol growing up.  It was a good middle class, suburban life.  But it lacked God.  Oh our family would go to a wedding, maybe even a funeral.  And sometimes I went with my Mom to church.  I even got a Bible when I was thirteen, the elder telling me all I needed to do to join that church was to remember “God is love” when questioned by the pastor.  That was indeed the one question; I answered correctly; I was now a member.  I never heard the word “repent” until decades later.

Joining the local church was window dressing.  I turned to my Dad and his values instead of the Lord’s. I hardly ever opened that Bible until years later.  I don’t think I ever prayed with my Dad.  Now I see that I need to repent for the generational curses that I took on from him,  that he took on from my grandfather, and— just guessing here– maybe those of my great-grandfather, angry at God for perilous times in Ireland.

I learned from my Dad that  when his father, then a teenager, once made a mistake as an altar boy, the priest hit him after the  service. My grandfather never went back to church.  My Dad never attended a church.  God was out of the picture.

I believe I took this anger at God on as a generational curse, not even knowing what I was doing.  Now I see it, as did Nehemiah, chapter 1 and chapter 9.  Would you join me now in repenting from whatever generational curse you inherited?repenting man  ” Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ Name, I renounce every prideful, angry word and action against You in my life.  I repent.  Please forgive me.  Tear down this stronghold of sin.  I choose Your Love to run my actions.  Restore me in Your mercy and grace.  Open my hear to love you fully.  In Jesus’ Holy Name, AMEN.” 


Pastor Jeff Daly